Walt Disnizzle

The Walt Disnizzle Mixtape

77 minutes of classic Disney songs vs Hip-Hop & Breaks - Mixed, Mashed & Arranged by ARKHAM.p77

Advisory: This recording contains explicit language.

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Track List:

  00 ELECtric inTRO
  01 Hathi Sez
  02 Bust' in Me
  03 Who's Afraid of Biggie Smalls?
  04 Can You Feel The Skinnyman?
  05 I'm Not A Swinger
  06 Give A Little Woop! Woop!
  07 Bombs Over Outkasts
  08 That's What Clothes Are For
  09 Bootyninity
  10 Kanye? Kan-boo!
  11 Hell Diggity
  12 My Own HomeBoy
  13 Under The April Shower
  14 High Ho'
  15 Some Day My Pimp Will Come
  16 Got No Bling
  17 Beast Mob
  18 Black Hole Rhythm-Talk
  19 White Air-Lines
  20 Just Don't Give A 'Fragilistic
  21 Gimme The Booty
  22 Circle of War / I Come To Life
  23 Bad Meaning Bad
  24 Drank Our Milk
  25 Wishing Upon A Star
  26 Dizznee Rascal!
  27 Bye Bye!

Download: If the links are down mail me and I'll re-up ASAP.

- m4a mix (256kbps AAC - 162MB)
    single file with chapter-marks and art (best for iTunes/iPod/iPhone)
    Android users might try Akimbo for m4a enhanced-podcast support..

- mp3 split mix* (avg. 294kbps VBR MP3 - 149MB)
    mix split into individual tracks with embedded art

- mp3 mix* (avg. 294kbps VBR MP3 - 149MB)
    single file with .cue and art included

- FLAC mix (lossless FLAC - 914MB)
    single file with .cue and included art

*NOW UPDATED to fix Windows "illegal" character file-name issue (Windows can't handle "?" or "/" characters in file names). Thanks Matt B and Silly Sighs for the detective work!

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